Yak Photo Gallery

ember and her boot
holy yak batman
yak on the hill in winter
yaks kicking up
Black Calf small
chute full of yaks small
cooling off in the lake small
curious bulls small
ember in the shed small
ember laying down small
heifers  and calf small
herd in pasture small
herd on the hill small
meeting of the herd small
mom and newborn calf small
mom hugging calf small
mom licking calf small
nadia flower small
pokey gets a drink small
snow encrusted yak small
snowy hill yak small
Squeeze chute small
summer yak small
The herd small
two young yaks small
winter feeding small
winter weather yak small
winter yak feeding small
working the chute small
yak and car small
yak z022 small
yaks in the pasture small

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